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Online Auctions

Online Auctions


Do you have unneeded furniture and not sure what to do with it?  Do you have a large amount of items to get rid of, but not sure how?

Capital Choice Office Furniture provides liquidation of items through is an online auction website that was created to sell bulk items from Capital Choice Office Furniture and provide another avenue to liquidate commercial items.  Don't let your surplus office furniture collect dust and cost you more money!

Online Auctions are for businesses that need a solution to their surplus furniture problem.

  • Items can be liquidated through online auction,
  • Includes every aspect from the marketing to moving the items. 
  • The buyer will be assessed a pre-approved charge for moving items off of the premises, if Capital Choice's Delivery Service is used.  Charges will be different for each client’s situation and product(s).  A quote can be requested by contacting Susan.

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