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Archive: June 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012

Herman Miller Celle Chair

Voted "my favorite chair"by the joint Chamber

Business Expo Participants on June 14th!

The results were close between the Herman Miller Celle and the All Steel Acuity chairs but the Celle won as most participants' favorite chair!  We want to thank you all - of the participants and invite everyone into our showroom at 1517 Alum Industrial Dr. N Columbus to continue the "Butt Test" with our entire selection of office furniture.

Did you know that only 1 of the 3 chairs we had at the Dublin Business Expo was new?  We didn't think so. The AllSteel Acuity chair was the only new chair on display while both Herman Miller chairs, Reaction and Celle, are from our Better than New showroom.

Capital Choice Office Furniture offers a wide variety of Better than New office furniture, so that we can offer you high quality products at a lower cost.

We pride ourselves on providing quality furniture to meet your office needs.  That's why we offer a money-back guarantee.  It's just how we do business.  We value our customers.


   Herman Miller Celle

Known for its Ergonomic design, long-term durability, a unique aesthetic at a great price.  Flexes with sitter, conforms to shape and movement, distributes weight properly.  Lets air pass through, enhancing all-day comfort.  Harmonic tilt keeps people balanced and in control leaning forward or reclining.Design for the Environment: 99 percent recyclable and manufactured using 33 percent recycled materials· Retail price $799     Capital Choice price $299 (Better than New)

All Steel Acuity

Acufit Ergonomics - By using your body's weight, the chair automatically adjusts for recline, lumbar support, and open postures.  So no matter how you work, you get a comfortable sit without the need for adjustment.

Intuitive Controls - The only controls, for manual fine-tuning, are located along the sides of the seat and are simple to see, use and understand.  You never have to get out of your seat to adjust your chair.

 Retail price $869     Capital Choice price $449 (New)

Reaction by Herman Miller is a long-term, more affordable, fully adjustable ergonomic chair that provides consistent support and ease of motion. A user can move fluidly between reclined and upright positions. The Reaction chair is highly adjustable, long-term, lower-cost seating for computer work, general office tasks, and meetings. The Reaction chair provides responsive performance and ergonomic comfort at a great price. For active workers, Reaction moves fluidly and adjusts easily as the sitter shifts from forward sitting to reclined positions, from computer keyboard to phone to work surface. Retail price $449     Capital Choice price $149 (Better than New)

Office Furniture 

Besides chairs, Capital Choice Office Furniture offers many varieties of desks, cubicles, tables, filing cabinets, bookcases, storage cabinets, to supply all your office furniture needs. Contact us to set a meeting and we will design your work space, deliver, and install your new or Better than New office furniture.

Contest Winner!

We wanted to share with you the winner of our Vote for your favorite Chair

(aka The Butt Contest)....Marabella DiBlasi of Healthy Image Hair & Massage

won the Herman Miller Celle chair because it was her favorite chair.

Congratulations, Marabella!



Thursday, June 7, 2012

   Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Clean Your Office Furniture

June 7, 2012

By: Susan Wagner None of us would even think about eating lunch in the bathroom. Yet, this same action is metaphorically done many times in the office. The average office is more germ-laden than the typical bathroom. It's a fine reminder that you should keep your office space as neat as possible.

  1. Bacteria & Viruses - A cleaned office aides in prevention of diseases. All too often (and too easy) one person will spread a flu or common cold to others in the building. Office furniture should be professionally cleaned regularly. Germs, debris, and other allergy-causing agents can lurk in vents, ready to wreak havoc on innocent lungs.
  2. Soiled Spots or Food Stains - If there are coffee or food spills on your office chairs or cubicles, spot cleaning will prevent it from becoming a stubborn and ugly stain. You cannot prevent spills from happening especially if there are people coming in and out of your office space. If something is spilled on your office chairs or cubicles, you should tend to it immediately. You do not want to have a stained office chairs or cubicles in your office as the replacement cost is much higher than the cleaning cost!
  3. Save on Overhead Costs – Revitalize your office furniture to last year’s longer with regular cleanings.  Regular cleaning will prevent wear and tear of your office chairs and cubicles.
  4. Dust mites – Cleaning will remove dirt and dust mites that are trapped in your office furniture.  Most offices have cleaning companies remove their trash, wipe down table surfaces and clean the carpet; but most forget about the office furniture and all of the pollutants left behind.  A buildup of dust mites can cause an allergic reaction in some people.
  5. Good Impression – You do not want your clients to be turned off because of a filthy-looking and smelly office chairs or cubicles. It will surely affect your image and that of your company. So let your clients feel that you know how to take care of your office and pay a lot of attention even to the smallest details, such as maintaining your office chairs or cubicles.  After using your work space, it needs cleaned annually, much like your car needs washed.  We clean the floors, and our desk tops, but why wouldn’t we clean the chairs we sit on as well as the office furniture that surrounds us!

Add it to your spring cleaning list to call Capital Choice Office Furniture today at 614-332-1828!

Thursday, June 7, 2012 Watch to learn how we clean office cubicles and see how it can make a huge impact on your office!