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Archive: January 2013

Friday, January 25, 2013

By Susan Wagner Capital Choice Office Furniture As the winter has welcomed the snow and single digits here in Columbus, Ohio we are left to fight off the cold by cranking our heat.  I've got some tips on saving your company some money this winter and keeping everyone happy.  These tips are just as relevant for home offices as they are for large corporations.  

1.  Dress in Layers

Bundle up. Wear several layers of shirts or sweaters, and even hats indoors. To avoid getting overheated inside, wear layers. I recommend a "wicking" polyester (or silk) undershirt next to your skin versus cotton.  In most large companies, the temperature is not controlled by the people working in that location, so wear clothes that you can layer when it's cold or too hot.  I know I always keep an extra sweater at my desk (and I'm not the only female that does this) for when I get cold chills. 

2. Keep Your Feet & Head or Neck Warm Wear shoes with rubber soles because they keep the warmth in.  Make sure you wear socks, and if they're made out of polyester the better.  My mom taught me that cotton breathes, polyester and nylon materials will keep you warmer longer. If you are outdoors a lot or work in a warehouse, insert foam liners in your boots or hiking shoes to give your toes an extra layer of insulation. Scarves are not only fashionable, they're practical too.  By keeping your neck warm, it helps maintain your body temperature. Always wear a hat when you're outside in the cold.  You lose a large percentage of your body heat through your head, so covering it up will help you to endure cold weather longer.

3. Eat Soup or Hot Drinks


Eating soup or drinking hot drinks will heat you up from the inside out.  The warm fluids will nourish your body and protect you from the frigid temps. 

4. Harness the Sun During the day, open the blinds and curtains on the windows - and let the sun warm you.  At night, close the blinds and curtains to better insulate your office.  

5. Block Drafts

Just like weather proofing your car or home, you need to also do weather-stripping at your office along your doors and windows.  At the bottom of outside doors - you can feel the cold air pour in, so buy a roll or use a blanket or towel to block the air from coming inside.  Remember, if you use curtains, you can buy thermal backed drapes to help insulate your office. 

6. Stay Active Get your body moving.  Walk over to another department or upstairs restroom or breakroom.  Stairs and hallways can make great aerobic workouts to get your blood pumping!  There are alot of chair exercises that you can do while at your desk, just research it online.  You can use your chair for arm dips, your desk for push ups, and all you need for wall sits - is a wall!

Print and share this article on your company bulletin board.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Capital Choice Office Furniture Spot Cleaning Upholstery:


  Buy a product used to remove pet stains called “Nature’s Miracle.” Dab it on the spot with a wet cloth, rub it until it goes away, and then evenly dry it with a hair dryer.  This works on your cubicle walls and office chairs! 

Wooden Desks got nicks or scratches?


 Use black or brown shoe polish. Apply the polish using the foam brush type bottle evenly and blow dry. Voila! The dents disappear. You also can use a coating of wax to seal the color.

Sticky drawers?


 Use a stick of soap and a good rub down on the problem area will make your drawer slide like new (you may have to reapply the soap if the drawer starts to stick with time). The moisturizing agents in the soap allow the wood to move freely again.

Scuff marks on your office chairs?


 No need to repaint. Use a product called Magic Eraser to remove the marks.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Article By Kevino Marc with edits by Capital Choice Office Furniture

Ergonomics is the practical study of the workplace in relation to the worker, or more widely the study of how people move and work within a given space and with given objects. With full-time employees spending upwards of forty hours a week in the office, it is important that the space they are working in is appropriately designed and the office furniture meets the requirements of the individual worker. Non-accidental back and neck injury caused by poor posture, prolonged or repetitive activity is a major occupational office hazard and leads to many days of lost work. A lot of people don't understand the importance in creating an ergonomically designed workspace, although in recent years employers have become more aware of the issue. If your employees spend all day at a computer, an ergonomically designed office chair will encourage good posture, make the employee more comfortable and therefore promote efficient working. They say prevention is better than cure, and back pain and orthopaedic issues makes a case in point with this. The right ergonomically designed office chair will support your back and help you to maintain a good posture. It will be comfortable and aid your productivity.

Choose adjustable chairs for your workers, as no two employees are the same. This will support their lower back.  For advice on what chairs may support you the best, ask Capital Choice Office Furniture. Desks too, should be of an appropriate height and wrist supports on the desk can help reduce repetitive strain injury from typing. Encourage your employees to sit with correct posture by sending out memos and publishing written guidance. There are three surfaces to consider when thinking about your posture while working at a desk - the chair, the floor and the work surface. All of these need to comfortably correlate to maintain good posture and an effective working environment. Office employees should sit right back in their chair, with their feet flat on the floor. Knees should be level with hips (you might need to provide foot rests to help with this) and legs should not be crossed as this affects circulation. Creating an ergonomically designed office space can improve the well-being of your workers, and benefit your company overall.  If you'd like more information on making your office more efficient using ergonomic office furniture - used chairs, used desks, used cubicles and more, contact Capital Choice Office Furniture today! To read more on Sooper Articles, click here.