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Archive: April 2013

Monday, April 29, 2013

For many people, spending on office furniture is a necessity.  This article discusses a point of view of one shopper's experience buying gently used office furniture.  There are many reasons why start up businesses should invest in ergonomic quality furniture as Jason Busch suggests.  Studies show that ergonomic furniture improves posture and in turn, can lead to healthier employees. Healthy employees are more likely to be more productive than people that are not comfortable in their office chair.  When looking at buying new furniture, in most cities there are used office furniture retailers.  Why not save 50% on products that are ergonomically fit to you?  That's just good business.  So, be frugal and visit Capital Choice Office Furniture today.  We can save you 50-70% on your capital!  We proudly serve the state of Ohio including Columbus, Dublin, New Albany, Westerville, Groveport, HIlliard, Grove City, Pickerington and more!


Frugal, Ergonomic Furniture: Spend Matters Style

“We need nine chairs.” Really?

That was the line a colleague who was with me told the sales rep on the floor at the surprisingly massive Office Furniture Center warehouse on the West side of Chicago, just a twenty or so minute drive from our Lakeview office. Our small venture, which was only a few people in the US eighteen months ago, is now fifteen people in the US and Europe. In other words, it’s time for some real office furniture.

Like many start-ups working on a budget, we had previously made the mistake of buying chic but truly inexpensive chairs (something you can get away with when it comes to tables, but a big ergonomic and budgetary faux pas, we discovered, when it comes to the surface you sit on for 8 or more hours a day).

One person on the team had been politely complaining about the lack of support in his $50 Ikea chair. Other chairs in the office (which looked like $1,000 models but were actually less than two hundred bucks on eBay) are less than two years old and completely falling apart. The most supportive chair, an Ikea desk model that was not exactly cheap, looked like it had survived an earthquake – but barely.

When we got to the Office Furniture Center showroom, four team members in total on a field trip at lunch, everyone gravitated towards that start-up icon, the Herman Miller Aeron chair. It’s actually not the best chair from Herman Miller in my opinion (for the money or the back support) but it certainly looks right in a fast moving small office.

At the retail cost of close to a thousand bucks, the Aeron is out of the budget of most upstarts – venture funded or otherwise. Of course this has not deterred thousands of companies that have gotten seed or Series A rounds from indulging in this derrière comfort extravagance before they can really afford it. Which brings us to our current situation, earlier this week.

As luck would have it, the used office furniture store had exactly nine Aeron conference models in the right color in stock. They probably came from a local start-up that, well…had bought the chairs new before they should have. Some were very gently used, others slightly more so. But they all looked and felt great. And the store was willing to sell them to us for more than 50% off the retail cost – which for those doing the math, works out to less than $400 per chair.

This is approaching the cost, mind you, of greatly inferior products, something we discovered ourselves as we outfitted our original office. And some of us have some achy backs to prove it.

Office Furniture Center came through with a used product that was significantly better than new products costing the same (or close). And the time to actually go and pick up the items was faster than it would have been to circulate ideas from new (and used) online stores. All of which brings me to some final recommendations for any organization wanting to take a frugally ergonomic perspective to office build out:

  • Buy high-quality used office furniture. Don’t even think about lower-end new stuff. It’s not worth it.
  • Trust in brands. Herman Miller, Steelcase, etc. They’re all great products and ten times better than cheaper or unbranded products when it comes to comfort and durability. The longevity delta between “China cheap” and a real product designed for an office is unbelievable. We’re talking a 10-20 year lifespan versus a 6-24 month one.
  • Go see what you’re considering buying. Forget about online when it comes to ergonomics. Try it out for yourself.
  • If it’s within budget (or close to it), get what excites the team. Herman Miller Aerons aren’t my first choice for the money, even at the price point we got. But the team was ecstatic – and that’s what counts.
  • Don’t ignore ergonomics. Having even one employee with even a mild back twinge or pain due to a poor chair set up (or crappy chair in the first place) is not worth it.
  • Factor in the total cost of assembly and delivery. The time spent putting stuff together or getting it back to the office from Ikea is time better spent doing other activities – unless, of course, it’s a team building activity over Friday afternoon beers

Now back to our regularly scheduled Spend Matters programming … written in part thanks to the comfort of (finally) having some real office furniture and chairs with actual support and proper ergonomics.


Friday, April 26, 2013

Despite the massive changes we've seen in our personal lives from technology, the workplace has been remarkably static. Many of us still work in big offices, in cubicles, and at the same desk and computer every day. 

Not for much longer.

The workplace of the future is going to be less centralized, more mobile, and more flexible than anything most people outside the startup and freelance economy have experienced before.

And the trend's going to be accelerated by rapid uptake of mobile technology, economic volatility, and the global war for top talent.

We've illustrated where things are going using charts, data, and examples of the changes that have already begun.





Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday, April 26, 2013

Larry Kidd of Reliable Staffing Services and The Office Commons gives a testimonial for Capital Choice Office Furniture after receiving several desks for his office suite in Jackson, Ohio. From the available product to the delivery, he was happy with our service and products. Visit or for more information.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Capital Choice Office Furniture Wins Business Excellence Award in Las Vegas
Columbus, Ohio company earns trophy for Best Customer Service Results over past year.

Las Vegas- Capital Choice Office Furniture was named the winner in the Best Customer Service Results category at the 2013 Business Excellence Awards, which was held at the Red Rock resort and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada on Friday January 25, 2013.

The Business Excellence Awards honor the “best of the best” results in small and medium sized businesses from around the world, and showcases exceptional results for business owners, entrepreneurs, their teams and their companies. The Business Excellence Forum and Awards are sponsored by ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm.

Capital Choice earned the trophy thanks to some incredible results, including the fact that 70% of their revenue came from referred or repeat customers. In addition, Capital Choice has over 300 documented customer testimonials at their disposal to share with new clients.  This devotion to customer service has led to revenue gains of more than 250% over the last three years.

“Chris and the Capital Choice team do an excellence job of making sure everything they do is aligned to providing excellent service and value to the customer.  They have a great team and are a very worthy recipient of this award” quotes their business coach of 2 and ½ years, Rick Crossland.

“Each customer that comes to us is very important and we have systems in place to make sure we meet their needs, refer their friends to us and come back to us time and again,” owner Chris DiSilvestri said.

The 2013 Business Excellence Awards and the 2013 Business Excellence Forum are sponsored by ActionCOACH, the world’s number one business coaching firm. The events are part of the company’s on-going commitment to innovation, business excellence and business re-education for owners and teams who operate and work in small-and-medium sized businesses.

In addition to the awards ceremony, the Business Excellence Forum featured seminars with top speakers in the world of business, including the Editor and Publisher of Success Magazine, Darren Hardy and ActionCOACH Founder and Chairman Brad Sugars.

About Capital Choice Office Furniture – In 2005, Capital Choice Office Furniture was created by Chris DiSilvestri and began selling new and used office furniture.  Capital Choice Office Furniture offers an in stock inventory of cubicles, chairs, desks, conference tables, file cabinets, and more in their 45,000 square foot showroom.  Capital Choice Office Furniture also buys office furniture from companies moving or changing their current office décor.

Monday, April 22, 2013

"I enjoyed meeting with you last week and I am really enjoying the beautiful, comfortable furniture, which all looks like new in my office that you provided at a great price. Your sales and delivery staff was as friendly, helpful and polite as could be. After shopping the used furniture market, I can say without question, that your selection of products, your service and prices are the best in Columbus. My offices are now beautifully furnished at a very reasonable cost." - Goss Financial Planning Services

Monday, April 22, 2013

"Your customer service from warehouse to delivery is impeccable! Oh & the prices are very competitive." - LD Management

Monday, April 22, 2013

"When new insurance agents ask me how I saved on my expenses when I started my business, I always start by telling them about Capital Choice Office Furniture. Business owners need to be smart about their expenses while maintaining a professional image to the public and a comfortable work environment for their employees. I've accomplished all of those by working with you and your team.

I get many compliments on my desk, and people really appreciate the professional look of my office. For folks who ask, I am proud to point out that I spent less than half of what a comparable office setup would have cost if I had purchased furniture at a retail store.

Thank you for you attention to customer service. You care about your customers and it shows. Keep up the great work." - Aaron May, Agent


Monday, April 22, 2013

"On behalf of everyone at MTR Gaming Inc., thank you for doing a fantastic job providing all back of house furniture for the Scioto Downs VLT facility.

Chris and his team provided the best pricing (by a large margin), and delivered and installed on time. Issues and adjustments were dealt with quickly and the team was extremely easy to deal with. Its great to deal with people with such a passion for guest satisfaction!

We look forward to working with Capital Choice on our next project." - Craig Mclntyre of MTR Gaming (Scioto Downs Project)