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Archive: July 2013

Monday, July 29, 2013

When you consider whether your office chair is ergonomic, you might think about whether your eyes are at the right height to see your computer monitor and whether your arms are in the right position for typing.

But desktop computers are hardly the only technological devices in most modern offices.

Scott Lee, an executive account manager at Scott Rice Office Interiors, says that as mobile technology becomes more commonplace in the office, furniture and office arrangements are evolving. Some of these trends are detailed in a story in today’s print edition about the modern workspace.

Even the way we sit is changing, according to Steelcase, a manufacturer Scott Rice works with. The company designed a brand new chair in response to the idea that modern workers shift between using computers, tablets, smartphones and other tools throughout the day.

“These new technologies, this new breed of devices and the new sociology we were seeing at work had driven nine new postures that we had never seen before,” a Steelcase designer says in a video explaining the study the company undertook before creating the chair. “What we heard was, people were often in pain.”

Lee says the new Steelcase chair, due out this fall, is designed to move with the body and support the back as a person shifts forward and back. Armrests are easily adjustable to, say, support the arms while sending a text then get out of the way when typing on the keyboard.

Article by  of Wichita Business Journal.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Do you ever eat or drink at your desk and spill it on your furniture?  Whether it's coffee that ended up soiling your chair or mustard from that hot dog you ate, we have some tips for you to clean your office chair and cubicles looking new.
The temperature of the water you use can make a huge difference in eliminating spots from fabric.  Dish soap and vinegar both can also be used as a mild abrasive to remove stains such as mustard, chocolate, and even blood.
These helpful cleaning hints can also work great for your home furniture as well as your office.
Stains                                  Cleaners
Coffee, Milk, Juice
Soft Drink, Beer, Wine                    1, 2, 3
Mustard                                         2,3
Catsup, Chocolate                         1,2
Cooking Oil, Mayo                         1,2,3
Urine, Blood                                   1,2,3
Body Oils                                       1,2,5
Furniture Polish, Ink                      2,5
Grease, Shoe Polish                       4,5,2
1. Cold to lukewarm water, never hot.
2. Mix one teaspoon of mild soap (Woolite,
Joy, Tide) to a pint of cold or warm water.
3. Pure white vinegar mixed 50/50 with
water. Use vinegar full strength for
stubborn stains.
4. A petroleum distillate such as mineral
spirits or naphtha.
5. A dry cleaning solvent such as
perchloroethylene, K2R, or BlueCoral Dri‐
Clean Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner (in
the clear plastic bottle with the spray
Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Dear Capital Choice,  Thank you!  We appreciate your excellent service!  Steve Payton was a pleasure to work with, and so was Mary.  Capital Choice always sets us up nice!  You're delivery team is top notch!  Julius and Israel did a fantastic job getting the furniture in and cleaned up.  They represented Capital Choice very well! Our new work stations look great, and no one at Capital Resin disagrees!  It's your service and great deals on furniture that keeps us coming back. Thank you again, for making it a pleasure to do business together!


JJ Billmek, PSM Manager, Capital Resin Corporation

Monday, July 22, 2013

Wood:  Make sure that you protect all your wooden furniture against direct sunlight. This means that you have to place your wooden chairs and tables away from the windows but if you do, ensure that the windows are properly covered with curtains or blinds to minimize sunlight. The sun's strong rays can dry and fade the color. It is also a bad idea to place wooden furniture near air vents because forced air can deteriorate the quality of the material.

Aluminum, metal or steel: Proper maintenance of modern furniture made of aluminum, metal or steel like a large metal wall art can be done through regular dusting and occasional wiping with soft, damp cloth. For tougher dirt, wash with hot and soapy water. Rinse and then dry with a soft cloth afterwards.  Never use any abrasive, strong detergent or cleansing powders to clean this kind of furniture because some of these may contain alkali, which can cause the pitting of this material. Rinse and dry afterwards.

Leather:  There are specific leather conditioners that should be used every 6-12 months for cleaning and keeping the shine of the material. If there are no available instructions, clean dirty leather by wiping a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth.


Tips to Keep your Used Office Furniture Looking New



Here’s an inside trick: Buy a product used to remove pet stains called “Nature’s Miracle.” Dab it on the spot with a wet cloth, rub it until it goes away, and then evenly dry it with a hair dryer.


Wooden Desks got nicks or scratches? Use black or brown shoe polish. Just apply the polish using the foam brush type bottle evenly and blow dry. Voila! The dents disappear. You also can use a coating of wax to seal the color.



Sticky drawers?  Use a stick of soap and a good rub down on the problem area will make your drawer slide like new (you may have to reapply the soap if the drawer starts to stick with time). The moisturizing agents in the soap allow the wood to move freely again.


Crayons or scuff marks on your painted walls? No need to repaint. Use a product called Magic Eraser to remove the marks. 

Thursday, July 11, 2013
Caring for Wood Furniture 
1. Wood furniture should not be exposed to
extreme heat or humid conditions. Try to
avoid direct sunlight which may cause certain
finishes to fade.
2. Do not place plastic, rubber or hot objects
directly on a wood finish as they may soften
or discolor the finish. To avoid these
markings, place a strip of felt, leather or cork
under accessories.
3. Every six months or so, furniture may be
cleaned with a furniture cleaning product.
Following the directions on the product, use
a soft cloth and wipe with the grain. A
furniture polish may be applied if a little
more shine is desired.
4. Spilled liquids should be wiped from the
surface immediately with a soft, slightly
damp cloth, in the direction of the wood
5. Dust with a soft, clean cloth, dusting with the
grain. A dusting‐aid product, or a furniture
care polish may be used. Avoid products that
leave an oily film as they may cause a
clouding of the finish and have a tendency to
collect dust.
Monday, July 8, 2013

Need to separate personnel or departments without doing a construction project and adding walls?  Teknion cubicles are designed to fit easily into virtually any office space and are fully reconfigurable to easily adapt to changes in an office’s floor plan.

Monday, July 1, 2013

This Teknion U Desk will organize your space with storage and stream line design.