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Archive: September 2013

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

By Susan Wagner

When it comes to deciding on office furniture, it can be daunting with the variety of options available.  You can make your decision based on brand name because that brand is synonymous with quality.  You can make your decision based on price because you don’t have a bank full of cash.  Or, you can make your decision based on what will fit in your space and meet your functional needs of a work space.

What kind of desk should I get?  Here’s a few office scenarios for you to think about.

Office Scenario A

Cubicle desk

I want a desk for my work space that has walls and storage for my files.  I’d like overhead storage on my wall or a shelf for my wall. –You should get a cubicle.  Cubicles generally come with panel walls and overhead bins as well as drawer systems on both ends of the desk for storage.

Office Scenario B

Modular work station desk

I want a desk that will fit in my 12ft x 8ft office space, but I have a window that I’d prefer not to cover up.  I need as much counter space as possible and storage for my files, including storage shelving.  –You should get a modular workstation desk. A modular desk can be cut to your needed measurements and is basically a cubicle without the panel walls.  A modular desk provides counter space, overhead bins, and storage.  It can be customized to fit your space and made into a U shape, L shape, or single desk.

Office Scenario C

Executive style U shaped desk

I want a desk that will fit in my 10ft x 10ft office, have a hutch for storage, and be contemporary in style.  I’d like it to hide my office supplies and my feet from those that walk by.  –You should get an executive U shaped desk.  Most, if not all, executive U shaped desks come with a hutch on the back of the desk along with a modesty panel in the front that hides anything underneath the desk.  Additional storage is available to match executive desk to include book cases, wardrobe cabinets and file cabinets.


Capital Choice Office Furniture can walk you through your office furniture buying process.  We will take time to get to know you, measure your office, provide office layout options, and make recommendations based upon your specific needs.  Call us today to make an appointment and get the office of your dreams!

Friday, September 20, 2013

My experience with Capital Choice Office Furniture has been outstanding. Not only did Mark and his group save us a ton of money but the customer service is beyond words phenomenal! Very focused on our business needs! I would definitely use them again. Thank you for all that you do!

Autumn Yasher, Mount Carmel Home Care

Friday, September 13, 2013

Whether you need better, more ergonomic chairs for your employees or new furniture for your reception area, Capital Choice Office Furniture has your solution.  We can provide 20 cubicles to expand your office space complete with task chairs and file cabinets.  We can provide executive office furniture and conference room furniture.  We can fulfill all of your office needs with our new and used office furniture. 


Here’s some of our completed projects:

  • New Call Center business – EGC Ltd
  • Administrative office expansion – MTR Gaming (Scioto Downs)
  • Administrative office renovation – Columbus City Schools
  • Call Center expansion – Veeam Software
  • Addition to existing facility - George J. Igel & Co., Inc. (Construction)
  • Awarded new contract, which triggered office expansion - Touchpoint Contact Centers
  • New schools opening - Performance Academies
  • Change office furniture layout to better fit work flow process – Tattletale
  • Additional work space needed, change of current office space layout - Mount Carmel Home Health 


Why is working with Capital Choice Office Furniture a Smart Decision? 

  • You can Save 50-70% on your capital budget.
  • Providing Ergonomic Office Chairs is proven to increase Productivity.
  • 100% Best Value – We guarantee quality products for the best prices.  We guarantee your satisfaction.
  • Largest Selection of Used Office Furniture in Columbus area provides you with Same Day Service or Next Day Delivery & Installation.
Monday, September 9, 2013

We have over 2000 chairs in stock! Visit our showroom today to complete your office expansion or renovation project.  Save 50-70% on your budget before you lose it at the end of the year!

Over 100+ Chairs Available

Herman Miller Celle chairs $299

Ergogenesis blue vinyl stack chairs $79

Knoll Handkerchief stack chairs $129

Knoll Conference room chairs $50

Over 50+ Chairs Available

Ergogenesis Task Chair, gray $249

Hon light gray rolling chairs $89

Herman Miller Aeron B chairs $529

Humanscale black saddle seat $79