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Archive: December 2013

Monday, December 16, 2013

Sale on Furniture!

Mahogany Desk Suites            Cherry Book cases               


Herman Miller Celle Chairs            Conference Tables


Capital Choice just received a new shipment of 10 truckloads of furniture!  Visit our store to get your savings today!

Here's a few items you will find:

U Desk with Hutch  was $1499   Now $899  a savings of over 40%!

Conference Tables  was $798   Now $399   a savings of 50%!

Knoll Desk Set  was $999     Now $849     a savings of 15%!

Book cases  was $199  Now $89     a savings of 55%!

Herman Miller Celle Chairs  was $299    Now $275    a savings of 10%!

Ergogenesis Chairs  was $249  Now $224   a savings of 10%!

5 drawer vertical File Cabinets  was $119  Now $83   a savings of 30%!

all lateral File Cabinets  was $299-$1999   Now $239-$1599    a savings of 20%!   *includes fire proof file cabinets.

Herman Miller Ambi  was $149    Now $79    a savings of 45%!

Double Pedestal Desk  was $499   Now $349   a savings of 30%!

Knoll RPM Black   was $199   Now $150 a savings of 25%

Hon Task Chair   was $89   Now $75  a savings of 15%


Print this coupon to get an additional 10% off when you visit our store!  

Get the goods you've wanted all year long.  Schedule an appointment with our sales team to get your office design layout and take your office to the next level. 

Tuesday, December 3, 2013
Donate Furniture to Charity with Capital Choice Office Furniture

Consider alternative forms of giving.  Being charitable is not just about giving money.  You can volunteer your time or donate items to charity.  Or, with the Furnishing Hope program, your furniture proceeds can be turned into cash for charity.  Also, you can ask your tax advisor or attorney for help with bequests, charitable gift annuities, gifts in kind, and endowments.

Donation Items should be in good condition.  It must be in good working order and hold value.  Would someone want your items or be able to use them?  The Furnishing Hope program requires large quantities of furniture or equipment while the Furniture Bank of Central Ohio and Salvation Army accepts small quantities of furniture.

Know where your donation is going.  Will it be helping locally or nationally?  With some charities, you can make a check payable to the local chapter or the national chapter. Look out for things like the specific name of the solicitor and his or her relationship with the organization, how much of your gift will be used for overhead, the specific project the money will go toward, and other important information.

Have a plan for moving your donated items.  Capital Choice Office Furniture can disassemble and move your items as part of our Furnishing Hope program. 

Ask about matching gifts.  Many employers match gifts made by their employees or make donations to charities recommended by employees.  Does your employer have surplus furniture that can be donated to the Furnishing Hope program?

Get a tax write-off.  For larger gifts, you'll want to get a properly worded receipt from the charitable organization as a confirmation of your tax—deductible contribution. When you donate through Furnishing Hope, you will receive an e-mail confirmation of your gift. This e-mail meets IRS requirements.

Contact Us today to discuss your donation!