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Archive: November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Do you have access office assets? Are you preparing to move? Not sure where to even start?

We can help with this handy guide. Or simply contact us so we can give you all the options, including liquidation through auction or donation through our Storage With Options service!

Infographic: Estimate Volume of Your Move or Calculate How Much Storage Space You Need



Monday, November 24, 2014

Does your fiscal year end December 31, 2014?

If so, you may want to consider updating your office space to use your alloted funding for overhead expenses.  Quality office furniture can last up to 15 to 20 years!  Pending how it is treated and cared for, it can last for even longer.  Get the return on your investment right away with office furniture.  And, if you purchase used office furniture, you can save more money.  Hurry in today, while supplies last!

Desk & Chair Combo Sale Buy any NEW or USED desk, get any chair 50% off!  Or get Aeron Chair for $500 with the purchase of a desk.  *For the purpose of this sale, DESK means cubicle, workstation, wood desk of any shape, new or used. Global L Desk or Modular L Desk not included in this combo sale.


View the details of our End of Year Sale

Friday, November 21, 2014

Round and About Productivity: Work-Life Balance Realities, Threats and Motivators



Thursday, November 13, 2014
business asset solutions

So you’re looking for office furniture at a great value? We can help you because it all starts with you. It’s not product first and then understanding how that product can fit your needs. No, understanding your needs comes first, and then we can pair you with various options of quality products that fit those needs.

This is what makes us different. We understand you are looking for a solution not just a product. This value of servicing our customers’ needs first has created more service oriented solutions that Capital Choice Office Furniture can offer your business.

Need help with office design? Our office design serivice can help you map out the perfect space for you.

Are you moving and need storage options? Use our Storage with Options solution, which literally gives you options once your business assets are in storage that no other storage facility offers.

Need to liquidate some of your business assets? We can do that for you through

Rather than profiting from your business assets we can also facilitate the donation of your business assets for tax deductions through Furnishing Hope.

Connect with us today! 

Friday, November 7, 2014

The best way to top off great office furniture is to find an office plant to complement it. What is the best office plant for your office? This guide should help!

Picking The Perfect Office Plant


Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Congratulations on your decision to purchase furniture to outfit your office space.  We realize that decision can sometimes be a difficult one to make when considering your budget.  However, we hope to make the decision making process a much simpler one for you when choosing the specific furniture for your needs.  The following are a few tips to help you along the way.

 #1.  Take Measurements 

Before you visit a retail location to consider your options, we suggest you take measurements of your existing workspace.  This is important in order to choose furniture that will fit properly into the desired space.  Office furniture of all types will be available in a variety of sizes.  Once you have these measurements in hand, a sales consultant can assist you in choosing correctly sized pieces that will not only fit within your space but will also meet your needs for the type of work you perform.

You may also consider creating a sketch of the workspace kind of like a simplified architectural blueprint.  It can be a very crude hand drawn overhead view of your office on a piece of notebook paper, or, for you engineering types, a complex CAD printout with every detail drawn to scale.  But whichever you choose, we recommend placing measurements of the overall workspace within the drawing.  It would also be a good idea to include doorways, windows, or other areas of importance so they don't end up getting blocked by furniture.  Take this drawing, or at least the basic measurements, with you to the furniture retailer when considering your purchasing options.

#2 Determine a budget

Before visiting an office furniture store, we strongly recommend you consider your budget.  It is important to know how much you can afford to spend for furniture.  When you arm yourself with this information and inform your furniture consultant, the two of you can work together as a team to find the right pieces, within budget, in a shorter time frame.  This is definitely a way to utilize your time in a very efficient manner while shopping for furniture.  It will help store personnel to direct you toward more specific items within a more narrow price range.  

Most times, office furniture retailers will have a variety of options available in many different categories.  Generally, there will be a very wide range of prices based on the size, type, features and quality of each type of new office furniture.  But then there is also an excellent option for many customers who choose to purchase used office furniture.  This can be a way to obtain excellent quality furniture at a drastically discounted price simply because it was previously owned.

#3 Determine your needs

What types of furniture do you need to place in your workspace in order to complete your tasks in an efficient and comfortable manner?  Are cubicles absolutely necessary or would modular work stations be an option?  Do you need a huge wrap-around desk with an attached hutch to store additional work materials?  Or is all that extra desktop space unnecessary for you and you might be better suited with a smaller, less expensive desk and an additional bookcase or storage cabinet instead?  You may already know exactly what your specific needs are.  If so, make some notes of what you have in mind and discuss this with your sales professional.

If you're unsure about this or any other aspect of the choices available to you, stop by Capital Choice Office Furniture and speak with a workspace advisor who will assist you to identify what options are available to you.  Some of those options may include a choice of work station or seating option that you wouldn't have previously considered and could cost significantly less than you originally planned.  

Good luck and we hope we have helped you to make your choices easier.

 article by JD Henthorn, Warehouse Manager at Capital Choice Office Furniture