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Archive: February 2015

Monday, February 23, 2015
Employee Comfort Program from Capital Choice Office Furniture

Now we do offer a program called Employee Comfort. That's what we called it because it's catered to companies employees. Because there's many times that I've walked in and it's response to a need that I've seen because, almost everybody doesn't know to use their chair. 

Like last week- we sold this chair to whoever bought it but the odds of their employee actually knowing how to use it are very slim. So I've noticed that need and- so we created a program to help out with that. So what we do is we give you a flyer, you pass it around your employees. It makes it look like you're the one who set it up. So you get the accolades from it. We come in, we'll meet with each employee that potentially doesn't know how to use their furniture, or may be in pain. We show them how to use their chair. If they have a stuck drawer we work with new and used furniture, we've been doing it for many years. 

Office furniture is expensive--you don't want to pay $500 for something that takes us two minutes to look at and identify what's wrong with it. Contact us today to learn more! 

Wednesday, February 18, 2015
Capital Choice Office Furniture Receives 96% Customer Satisfaction Score for 2014

Capital Choice Office Furniture Receives 96% Customer Satisfaction Score for 2014

January 2015

Columbus, OH – Capital Choice Office Furniture hired an independent company to survey its customers on their satisfaction.  Customers are asked to rank them on a 1-10 scale, 10 being highly satisfied, how satisfied they are with Capital Choice’s products and services.  Of the customer’s surveyed, 100% selected a 7 or above, representing satisfied to highly satisfied customers for their customer satisfaction rating.  And overall, the customer satisfaction score averaged out to 96%!

When we asked Chris DiSilvestri, owner of Capital Choice Office Furniture what he attributes the high satisfaction score to, he said, “we place high value on our clients and we have put systems in place to increase efficiencies with our delivery and installation team, which has helped.”  “We also hire salespeople that align with our company values to put the customer first.  We take a holistic approach with our client’s situation doing what is in their best interests instead of ‘getting the sale.’”

*The below charts shows the exact scores Capital Choice received and the number of respondents that were reached for their survey.














monthly score














monthly respondents













Of 112 customers surveyed January to December 2014, 79 of them gave Capital Choice Office Furniture a perfect “10” as being Highly Satisfied on our customer service survey - That’s 70% of our respondents were “Highly Satisfied” customer rating!  Bottom-line:  Capital Choice takes care of its customers – and they agree!

About Capital Choice Office Furniture – In 2005, Capital Choice Office Furniture was created by Chris DiSilvestri and began selling new and used office furniture.  Today, Capital Choice Office Furniture is a growing retailer of new and pre-owned office furniture that buys, sells, liquidates, and manages donated commercial items. 

Monday, February 16, 2015

A lot of people come into my shop because I run an office furniture company new and used, and they're looking for a $35 chair all the time. And I think about that, and I think, with ergonomics, there are studies behind this that shows that it actually increases productivity from your employees. And it just makes me wonder--of course you're pretty safe coming into my shop looking for a $35 chair because we sell used ones and we have ergonomic chairs at that price--but for people to know about the ergonomics and what that means for their employees it creates a certain environment when you provide that type of comfort for your employee. It creates a good atmosphere in your business...that alone with the fact that they're comfortable all day sitting in their chair so that they're not worried about the aches and pains such as the soldiers in World War II that couldn't perform, and then they have issues later on. 

As a business owner I'm constantly looking at what am I buying and how is it going to pay me back? Right? So your office chair, you can look at the same exact way. If you're coming in to look for a $35 chair, you're not thinking that way. So it's not connected with the way I think. But you want to buy something that you know is going to pay you back. If you pay $700 for a chair, and it increases productivity in your employee seventeen percent, the chair will be paid for in one year, yet you're going to have it for ten years or more.

Friday, February 6, 2015
History of ergonomics

Learn the history of Ergonomics presented by Chris DiSilvestri, Capital Choice Office Furniture | A Division of Business Asset Solutions.

Does your office remind you of a World War II zone?

And really the reason why I asked that is because that's where ergonomics really came from was World War II. Soldiers were complaining of back issues, sitting in these really tight quarters, sometimes for twelve hours in a war zone. And, they had back issues, cutting blood circulation off.

So they really started thinking about how to make these tight quarters and tanks and watercraft and these tight areas just to help them out in order to produce better so they're not always complaining and in pain.

So that's where ergonomics actually comes from and that's where it really started taking off.