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Archive: March 2015

Monday, March 30, 2015

There are numerous reasons to buy used office furniture from us, Capital Choice Office Furniture. Here are just a few of them:

1) Save Money. 

You can purchase "better than new" office furniture for less. When you buy new office furniture, you can expect its resale value to depreciate to 25% or less of its original cost. When you purchase quality used office furniture, its value actually increases based on the cost of comparative new furniture and its resale value may remain as high as 75% of what you paid. Purchasing good quality used furniture is a much better investment than purchasing "cheap" new furniture.

2) Environmentally Friendly. 

Compared to recycling aluminum cans, plastic bags and newspapers, making use of previously-owned office furniture is a much better deal for our planet. When you dispose of wood furniture, it winds up in land-fills. Steel furniture must be disassembled before recycling and the costs of recovery are prohibitive. If the furniture can be re-used - and, in most cases, office furniture has a useful life of over twenty years - not only do you reduce land-fill usage and recycling costs, you are getting a product of very high intrinsic value. You will be preserving our forests and natural resources, protecting our atmosphere, saving energy, and saving valuable land-fill (and warehouse) space.

3) Office Asset Life Cycle Partner

Buying your office furniture is only one step within the asset lifecycle. Caring for it through proper maintainence and options for liquidation are all services avalible to you when you're our customer.

Monday, March 23, 2015

With an estimated 50 million Americans participating in March Madness office pools, companies stand to lose at least $1.2 billion for every unproductive work hour during the first week of the tournament, according to calculations by global outplacement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas, Inc.

Workplace Productivity (or lack thereof) during NCAA Tournament time:

Despite all of the scary numbers, Challenger suggests that employers not try to clamp down on March Madness. Initiatives to block access to sports sites and live streaming in order to boost productivity in the short term, could result in long-term damage to employee morale, loyalty and engagement.

So what is your work place policy?

Monday, March 16, 2015

Here is a collection of St. Patrick's Day office party tips, local (Columbus, Oh) events and a fun history lesson for you from us at Capital Choice Office Furniture! 

Helpful guide for Celebrating St. Patrick's Day at Work, Without a Lawsuit

If you are here in Columbus, here’s a list of local events: No Sleep ’Til St. Patrick’s Day: Highlights of 2015 Columbus St. Paddy’s Day events

Should you have a St. Patrick’s day office party or plan on heading out to celebrate; arm yourself with some relevant conversation pieces about the history of the holiday!

Monday, March 9, 2015

Owner/GM Chris DiSilvestri has been using the treadmill desk, as you can see in the headline image. His purpose goes beyond personal health benefits of walking and working simultaneously. It's to make sure it has value to our customers, which it does through our firsthand experience.

However, don't only take our word for it.

In Texas, a recent news report highlighted a city government office worker who lost 65 pounds after a using a treadmill desk for a year. Employee weight loss and the overall health benefits of maintaining wieght are obvious.

The not so obvious benefits of the treadmill desk extends into recall and attention. How focused can you really be while walking at your desk? Researchers have now published that treadmill desk users were 34.9 percent more likely to answer a question correctly than the sitting counterparts. The walkers also believed themselves to be paying more attention to their work, and the EEGs demonstrated that the group was showing more signs of attentiveness and better memory retention compared to their static comrades.

Contact us today to learn more and how we can get you a treadmill desk of your own.

Next up in our labs, the Ron Swanson circle desk…

Friday, March 6, 2015

By Dan Rafter from Midwest Real Estate News.

Workplace introverts, it’s time to celebrate: The cubicle is back.

Plenty of companies still embrace the open-workspace concept, creating entire floors with not a single cubicle wall to be found. But many others are finding that their workers want more privacy than open-air floor plans provide. Because of this, many companies are moving back to the traditional cubicle formula.

Mason Awtry knows this. And he should; He’s president of Chicago’s Rightsize Facility Performance, a national office interiors and facility services firm that provides furniture to clients moving to new offices.

This means that he stays on top of new trends in office layouts. And during the last three to four months, he’s seen a steady stream of companies moving back to individualized workspaces. As he sums it up, the cubicle is “back in fashion.”

This means that many companies are moving away from what Awtry calls the open-air system of office layout. In this layout, most cubicle walls are removed, and employees work in open areas, in full view of everyone else.

This layout is supposed to inspire creativity and collaboration. It works for many companies and employees. But it’s not the right layout for every office or office worker.

“About 30 percent of the workforce is still made up of introverts,” Awtry said. “These workers need their own territory. Management might want a collaborative environment. But there are a lot of jobs that don’t require collaboration. Everything from accounting and technical jobs to customer service people who serve external clients, these jobs often don’t require collaboration.”

Those companies that are moving back to cubicles, though, aren’t always returning to the cubicle of old, the one surrounded by 8-by-8 10-foot panels. Today’s modern cubicle walls usually stand up to 54 inches tall. And modern cubicles usually feature some sort of glass element.

These cubicles provide privacy, then, but also prevent employees from walling themselves completely off from their co-workers. Consider the modern cubicle a happy medium between the world of wall-less workspaces and the cubicle mazes so often derided by workplace critics.

How strong is the demand today for the semi-traditional cubicle? Awtry says that Rightsize sold 800 cubicles in Chicago last month alone. And these cubicles are going to a wide range of companies. Awtry said that he sold about 100 to a law firm, 40 to a technology/data-storage firm in the suburbs and 76 to an insurance firm.
“The cubicle is making its way back in. It’s on its way back,” Awtry said.

Those companies that are adding cubicles to open-air floor plans are doing so for one main reason, Awtry said: They want their employees to be more productive.
Awtry points to an entertainment company in downtown Chicago. Such a company — filled with creative types — would seem to be ideal for the open office concept. But the company instead has requested a shipment of cubicles from Rightsize.


“Their specific comment was that they needed more privacy,” Awtry said. “Their employees needed to be less distracted.”

It’s true that the cubicle has long been derided by office workers. But here’s the truth: Many of these same office workers missed their cubicles once they were taken away. Many found, too, that they work more efficiently when they have at least a small space to call their own.

“Although the concept of the open office, Google-like space is one that people find aesthetically attractive, it does not necessarily hit the functionality requirements for every company,” Awtry said.

So if you do miss your former cubicle? Don’t despair. It might be coming back.

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Monday, March 2, 2015
Intro to Business Asset Solutions

In response to a need that we've seen in the business community, we have started a new company called Business Asset Solutions. So one of those companies underneath that and before I say that the idea behind Business Asset Solutions is we cater to the whole life cycle of business assets. Anywhere from within a loop, from acquisition to disposal. We do that with Capital Choice Office Furniture, which is already an existing company, so it helps with acquisition. And it also helps within the use, the proper use, with our Employee Comfort Program. 

We have an online auction website called Auctions Now because we saw a need within the community, the business community at the end of life when they're moving, transitioning that's strictly commercial, it liquidates business assets, that's what Auctions Now does, so that also provides acquisition solutions for new companies that need quality at an auction price. 

Storage with Options would then combine both of those ideas with storage. So if you store with us, you have the option to retail or liquidate the items that you're storing all under one roof with a simple phone call.