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We Buy Office Furniture

Capital Choice Office Furniture Buys Furniture.

We Buy Office Furniture

Capital Choice Office Furniture is always looking for large quantities of quality office furniture.  We are one of the few companies who buys used office furinture. Whether you are moving to a new office and want to get rid of all of your old furniture or you want to exchange your current cubicle set up for a different set up, Capital Choice Office Furniture can purchase your inventory.  Historically, our best purchases involve situations where entire floors or buildings need to be liquidated of their contents.  We have the resources to remove large quantities of furniture in a short timeframe.  If you have a specific load of office furniture that you would like an offer on, please contact us with pictures and an inventory list of the contents.

What you can get from selling your furniture to Capital Choice Office Furniture?

1. Get money for your assets of retail value.
2. Dissassembly of items and removal at no charge to you. 
Peace of mind since we manage the project. 
Handle projects on short time constraints.
Free pickups of items with retail value for donation.

Capital Choice Office Furniture is in business today, largely in part, because of the relationship we have with key suppliers and industry influencers.  We nurture these relationships and since 2005, have been able to be a part of retaining large amounts of office furniture including cubicles, desks, chairs, file cabinets, storage cabinets, conference tables and more.

As a result of the large inventory we maintain in our 45,000 sq ft. showroom, Capital Choice Office Furniture is able to offer Better than New prices at 50%-70% below the list prices.  This is the savings Capital Choice Office Furniture passes along to our customers. 
Want to learn how to sell used office furniture? It's easy, Call 614-332-1828 or click below to contact us!