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How Fireproof Cabinets Will Save Your Business

//How Fireproof Cabinets Will Save Your Business

How Fireproof Cabinets Will Save Your Business

59% of people believe a standard filing cabinet is enough to protect the valuable information that keeps their business afloat.

What do you believe? What would be at stake if a fire caused you to lose everything?

It goes without saying, no business big or small is immune from disaster. Banks, healthcare, insurance, and even government agencies are capable of catching fire. Luckily, there are solutions available to keep yourself from becoming one of the 59%.

Fireproof cabinets are a hot commodity for any home or office setting. They come in versatile styles and can have a positive impact on your company’s longevity. In fact, without them, you could be at serious risk of losing the data you need to stay open. If you’re convinced a cloud or other digital system will save you, think again. Computers can’t resist fires either.

Understanding the value of fireproof filing cabinets begins with knowing what they are and ultimately how they protect your livelihood.

What are fireproof cabinets and why are they important for my business?

A fireproof filing cabinet is made with special material and finishes to keep vital documents safe in the event of a fire or other catastrophe. FireKing goes above and beyond when it comes to their fireproof both lateral and vertical filing cabinets. They complete extensive testing on each product to gain the Underwriters’ Laboratories 1-hour fire and impact rating. Check out this video as proof to see just how strong their products are.

Owning fireproof filing cabinets is important because of the protection they provide. No one wakes up one day thinking a fire will destroy their home or office, but it happens all the time.

What would you do if you lost every strategy, client, financial, and personnel documentation in a fire? You may be thinking, “Thank goodness I have the information backed up on my computer.”

In the event of a fire, that won’t save you. Unfortunately, computers melt and the servers we rely on today are easily destroyed. This is one of the many reasons why businesses in all industries must be proactive in storing precious information.

While disasters are inevitable, you can still prepare adequately. Investing in a fire-resistant cabinet is the right move for your home and/or office. We promise you won’t regret it.

How Fireproof Cabinets Can (and Will) Save Your Business

The great thing about fireproof filing cabinets is that they come in both regular lateral and vertical styles as mentioned earlier. This makes them functional for any kind of office from a walk-in health clinic to a multi-million dollar insurance agency.

Business Pro Tip: Capital Choice Office Furniture offers used 4-drawer FireKing lateral cabinets at a great price to increase not only your peace of mind, but your bottom line.

Guaranteed Protection

Speaking of peace of mind, there’s no greater comfort than knowing that your documents are safe. Most businesses realize the value of fireproof filing cabinets after it’s too late. Not only are the files lost in the disaster, but insurance companies only cover the loss if receipts or other proofs of purchase are provided. If these receipts are destroyed in the fire, you’re left in a sticky situation to file a claim and get operations back on track.

Digital vs. Physical File Storage and Organization

Practically everything can be found online these days-including sensitive information many businesses consider safely hidden. Every day it seems like a new security breach makes headlines around the world. Don’t let your business fall into this category.

So, what can be done to protect your private data from digital misfortunes like crashing servers and hackers?

If you work in a small space or out of your home, digital storage might be the right solution. It can seem optimal because of the little-to-no space a server or cloud uses. However, it is always a good idea to keep hard copies of paramount paperwork safely locked away. This includes but is not limited to:

  • Business licences
  • Contracts
  • Business model(s)
  • Employment paperwork
  • Accounting data
  • Annual reports
  • Leasing agreements

If you or the business owner insists on going digital, remember to speak to the imperative nature of keeping those physical files somewhere safe. It’s better to be safe than sorry, especially in cases like these.

In the end, businesses with protected hard copies can recover much more quickly than a business who has lost everything.

Tips for Purchasing Fireproof Cabinets

If you’re considering buying fireproof filing cabinets, you’re making the right decision for your company and employees. Here are a few tips to keep in mind before taking the next step:

  1. Research the brand. Our office furniture experts swear by FireKing products. The quality and price is incomparable to other brands claiming to hold off the flames.
  2. Shop used office furniture. Obtaining a reliable, fireproof filing cabinet doesn’t have to break the bank. Check out our inventory of used filing cabinets and discover the storage solution you’re seeking.

Be Proactive, Not Reactive

Successful business strategies use resources to protect assets and solidify their longevity. Don’t be one of the many to trust standard filing cabinets or digital storage systems to keep valuable documents safe. Fireproof filing cabinets offer peace of mind and guaranteed protection for the paper, media, etc. that make up your company’s DNA. Industries like healthcare, banking, insurance, and government entities can fall victim to an office fire or other disastrous event, so it’s best to lay the groundwork for a quick recovery should the unthinkable happen. Finding the right fireproof cabinets are easy. All you need are credible research and budget efficient shopping techniques!

Discover the Best Fireproof File Cabinets in Columbus

If you’re ready to find the perfect fire-resistant filing system for your space, our office design experts are here to help. With the largest office furniture showroom in the Columbus Greater Area, Capital Choice Office Furniture has everything you need and more to keep your work space stylish, yet protected with brands like FireKing. We work with you to find the best furniture for the best price-no matter your line of work. Contact us today to get started!