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How to Prevent Body Soreness at Work

//How to Prevent Body Soreness at Work

How to Prevent Body Soreness at Work

When you hear someone mention workplace safety, you might assume that the next sentence talks about how to avoid injury at a job that requires a lot of manual labor. It probably doesn’t cross your mind that this topic might apply to you, the person who spends all day in a temperature-controlled office sitting behind a comfy desk.

Well, it can. Think back to our post on ergonomics; little actions that you do throughout the day could be hurting you. And considering that work-related musculoskeletal disorders cases accounted for 33% of all worker injury and illness cases, it’s not a topic to be taken lightly.

Check out below to learn how to prevent body soreness at work.

Practice Ergonomics

Don’t slouch in your chair. Have your screen be only an arms-length from your eyes. Position your keyboard in a way that doesn’t hurt your wrists. These are just a few tips that will keep you from over-taxing  parts of your body.

Talk to someone in your office to find any written materials that you may have on ergonomics. And again, you can refer to our previous blog post.

Step Away From Your Desk

Getting out of your chair and stepping away from your desk is great for many reasons. One of them is that it forces your muscles to realign the way they’re supposed to. They’re not being strained or pulled in a way that isn’t normal to them.

Plus, it takes the strain off of your eyes since you’re not staring at a computer screen. If nothing else, it gives your brain some time to reset and refocus.


Stretch in the morning. And during your breaks. Plus before you leave. And when you get home. Every time you do it, make sure you’re pulling on all the muscles that are causing you pain.

There’s no limit to how often you can stretch and it doesn’t take much time. So take advantage of this simple action, your body will thank you later.

Drink Water

The most basic thing you can give your body when it comes to health is water. Proper hydration allows muscles to repair and joints to stay flexible.

Sure, when we’re low in energy we go for the caffeinated beverages, but water is a great all-around supplement. Plus, it’s more useful for your body than sugary drinks like soda.

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