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How Much Do Office Cubicles Cost?

//How Much Do Office Cubicles Cost?

How Much Do Office Cubicles Cost?

The purchase of a cubicle is much like the purchase of a vehicle. With such a large amount of options available, price ranges can vary drastically. Much like a Ford F150 can start around $25K, it can quickly cost as much as $50K once a buyer adds things like power windows, CD player, all-leather interiors, 4-wheel drive, four doors vs two, upgraded wheels, dual exhaust, built-in GPS, etc. Considering the average American sells or trades in their vehicle within the first five years of purchase, why do so many people choose to get upgrades?

The reason is that because most Americans spend 40 minutes a day in their vehicle, they want to make sure their vehicle will provide them with comfort, quality, and ease of use. These same principles apply to most office cubicle shoppers. Understanding they are going to have to operate business daily out of these cubicles, as well as picking the right cubicle with the right options the first time is critical as to ensure maximum capabilities from their office, most buyers choose to pick the cubicle that makes the most sense in the long-run.

Unfortunately, some potential buyers only focus on the initial price of the cubicle with the only goal of finding the cheapest retailer, therefore sacrificing low-maintenance, quality, and aesthetics, which leads to buyer’s remorse.

Now that you’ve hopefully understood my vehicle analogy, I will list some of the common figurations and add-ons found when purchasing cubicles. It is important to remember that the more cubicles purchased with sharing walls, the more value you will see out of the setup. Now I’ll do my best to give you some realistic price ranges as to what most people will spend on new and pre-owned configurations. And remember, these prices are AVERAGE, and can vary drastically depending on the product, configuration, region, company, etc.

Sizes range from 39”H panels to 85”H with sizes of 47”, 53”, 62”, and 67” in between. I’ve given the price breakdown for cubicle panels with the heights of 39”, 67”, and 85” as those are the typical heights potential buyers look to purchase. It’s important to note that each configuration is only priced for the panels and work surface!

To understand the configurations a little more in depth, take a look at a few of our diagrams seen below.

6×6 Cubicle with Glass Stackers

4×2-1/2 Cubicle – Call Stations

Another important fact to remember about purchasing cubicles – the more cubicle stations that a buyer purchases with sharing walls, the less expensive the cost is per station. For example:

One 4×4 cubicle is composed of 3, 48”W panels. Two cubicles sharing a wall is composed of 5 panels, not 6, thus saving the cost of a panel.

Now let’s look at some of the add-ons that cubicles normally see.

As you can probably see, the price ranges vary quite a bit, just as they should considering everyone has different tastes, wants, and budgets when it comes to furnishing an office of cubicles. When someone receives a quote from our company, we thoroughly examine each option as to educate the buyer on the option’s benefits as to identify its overall importance to the success of the project.

If you’d like to meet one of our team members to discuss your cubicle project click here. We’d be happy to visit your location and talk with you about your specific project.