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Your Office in 2020: Rethinking Your Workspace Design

//Your Office in 2020: Rethinking Your Workspace Design

Your Office in 2020: Rethinking Your Workspace Design

The look and feel of your office space is important. Nobody wants to work in a space with stark white walls, fluorescent lighting and ugly commercial carpet that still has the stains from the company holiday party from 2009.

Your office decor should strike a balance between comfortable and motivational. While everyone loves the coziness of their own living room, you don’t want your decor to inspire team members to take a nap. And now more than ever, employers are finding that not only does a well-furnished office make them more relaxing, they make their employees more productive, too.

The service or product you provide to your customers isn’t boring, cold or unimportant, so your office shouldn’t feel that way either. If your office is feeling a bit out of date, it’s time to start considering an office decor revamp to start 2020 off refreshed.

Set the Tone with 2020’s Biggest Design Trends

Your employees sometimes spend more than 40 hours of their week in this office. Show them you want to improve their day to day by investing back into that office, making it a more relaxing place to work, and make it a space that truly reflects your brand.

Reducing and Reusing

We are becoming more thoughtful of the impact we have on the environment, and those ideals have crept from making choices in our personal lives to in our professional lives, too. Buying furniture that was made sustainably can be pricey, but by purchasing pre-owned furniture still in great condition, you can reduce your office’s carbon footprint and still get a high quality piece. Capital Choice Office Furniture has a wide selection of used office furniture.

Invite Natural Light

Unfortunately, natural light isn’t something you can buy unless you’re willing to knock down walls. However, you’re not doing your office any favors by pairing dark woods and metals with an office space that has few windows or faces away from direct sunlight. Just exchange your dark, light-absorbing furniture with beautiful bright furniture that reflects light and allows it to bounce around the office. You’ll see a difference in employee productivity and happiness soon after.

Introduce Mindfulness

Just a few decades ago, the idea of dedicating an area to employee relaxation and destressing seemed backward. If they’re not working, they’re slacking off, right? That has changed. Now, employers see the benefit of having a space reserved for relaxation; an area simply for reading or a quiet moment to breathe. Whether that space is filled with comfortable chairs or bookshelves, it’s important for employees to feel like they can take a moment away from their desks during busy seasons.

The Outdoors In

If you were inspired by the idea of making your office brighter just by changing up the furniture, this trend might also resonate with you: “biophilic” design. The concept of biophilia suggests that humans have an innate desire to be in nature and connect with other life. Fill out your office with plants, natural colors and furniture made with organic materials.

Make Motivation Your New Year’s Resolution

If you’re ready to revamp your office space, giving your employees the gift of a comfortable, safe and motivational work environment, it’s time to get serious. The New Year is upon us, so give Capital Choice Office Furniture a call at (614) 332-1828 today, or stop by our showroom in Columbus to see, feel and experience everything we have to offer. Happy New Year!