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Reception Room Furniture

If you've ever been to a meeting at another company's office, chances are you're familiar with the reception area. Not only is this the first place that prospective business partners see, but customers, vendors, and even new job candidates. It's important to keep this portion of the office looking clean, professional, and comfortable. Read below to learn about these waiting room areas!

Vertical Filing Cabinets

Understanding your need for a filing cabinet is the first step and the second is to know which kind of filing or storage option will work the best for your unique situation. Read more to learn about each type of filing cabinet and understand which the best choice is for you!

Home Office L-Desk

If you’ve ever had to shop for an office desk, you know that it can actually be much more complex than originally considered. That’s where we come in. There are some key terms to know and understand when shopping for new or used office desks and understanding certain limitations and requirements for your space.

Office Furniture Design

Even if your relocation plan is perfectly in order, the move along the way can be the mostly costly to a business if costly mistakes happen. Knowing the possible mistakes to avoid can help your office move go much smoother in the long run.

Moving Home Office

Are you considering moving out of your home office and into a retail location? Before you move out your home office, read on to learn about the pros, cons, and factors to consider when moving to a retail space.