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Design an Office that is Uniquely Yours

Our Office Design Service offers onsite consulting, planning and drawings at no cost to you!

We offer free office layout consulting with custom renderings of your office space. Most drawings can be completed and submitted within 2 business days depending on the scope of work. This allows you to understand the flow of your office and to have a visual representation of your new space. Once a layout is agreed upon, we submit a competitive quote after identifying the most appropriate products for your project.

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How Does it Work?

Introduction and Discovery

It’s nice to meet you! We love accepting new clients as well as working with our longtime customers. The first step for new customers would be to fill out a contact form on our website, make a call into our office, or stop by our Columbus showroom to introduce yourself.

We’ll take the time to discuss your project and the specific scope of work to be completed. All of our sales representatives have years of experience working with clients in the following industries: manufacturing, heathcare, call centers, education, retail, government, and more. 

Site Visiting and 3D Rendering

After the discovery phase, we always recommend a site visit, if possible. This gives us the chance to walk through fine details with you, gather room dimensions, and have an idea of overall flow of the office space. If a site visit is not possible, a floorplan is the next best thing. This can be emailed to the appropriate sales representative and passed along to any one of our trained designers.

Once we’re able to measure the space, we’ll be able to create a 3D rendering complete with dimensions, proposed products, and color schemes. This is where our expertise allows us to make recommendations and include the best furniture options for your space.


Once the renderings are complete, we’ll be able to present them to you based on your schedule. We can conduct conference calls, in-person meetings, or simply send the PDF through email to allow you the time to review the drawings. Typically, it works best for everyone to either meet in-person or discuss over the phone to highlight any questions or concerns. 

If any changes are to be made, we’re normally able to make those revisions within 1-2 days. Once the rendering is agreed upon, we’ll be able to provide you with a customized, competitive quote based on the communication to this point. This saves steps of going back and forth between layout and price. Once the layout is set, we can utilize our large selection of new and used products to meet budget goals. 

Our Competitive Quote

Our greatest advantage is our ingenuity of using pre-owned and new products when the situation calls for it. With our large selection of new and used products, we can meet most all budget goals set by our clients. Whether it’s the newest to the market products or the highest quality used furniture, we can work with companies of all shapes and sizes from non-profits to fortune 500s. We look forward to meeting you and for the chance to earn your business. To schedule an appointment, please fill out the contact us form below. 

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