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Furnishing Hope Program

Furnishing Hope Program


Ever wanted to help a non-profit but you weren't sure how you could?  Do you have a surplus of office furniture?  

You can donate your office furniture and other items.  Please keep in mind that any donated furniture must hold resell value.

How Does It Work?

1.      Donate your furniture to the Furnishing Hope Program.

2.      We disassemble and remove your items at no cost to you!

3.      60-80% of the proceeds will be donated to the Furnishing Hope Program, which benefits charities. (All proceeds from their sales go to charity minus moving/liquidation processing costs.)

5.      Get a tax write off and recognition for your donation!

The Furnishing Hope Program has donated thousands of dollars to charities!  




7 Furnishing Hope Benefits:

1. Charity gets cash donation.

2. Companies have a solution for moving large amounts of unneeded assets quickly.

3. Save landfills.

4. Provide furniture and other office equipment to new and growing smaller companies at a reduced cost.

5. The donating company gets recognition.

6. People are put to work moving and reselling assets.

7. The donation is by the business community instead of charities dependent on government grants.

For more information on the Furnishing Hope program or if you would like to participate please give us a call at (614) 332-1828


Capital Choice gives to the Professional Career Development Network, which helps provide training for professionals that are unemployed to get them back to work.