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3 Reasons to Buy Used Office Furniture

//3 Reasons to Buy Used Office Furniture

3 Reasons to Buy Used Office Furniture

As a business owner, you’re always looking for budget-effective avenues when it comes to expenses. One of the easiest ways to save money and maintain the professionalism of your workspace is by purchasing used office furniture.

No matter if your office houses 3 employees or 300, they’ll all agree that a quality working environment makes work feel less like…well, work! Furnishing your business with trendy, yet affordable office furniture not only increases the aesthetic, but your employees’ productivity levels. Forbes Magazine says it best:

“A quality workspace design leads to a less stressful and more productive atmosphere. It’s essential that employers take the physical work environment of their employees into consideration. Employees need to feel comfortable and calm in their physical work settings to produce their best work.”

In this post, we’ll provide 3 reasons why buying used office furniture can help your business thrive.

3 Benefits of Buying Used Office Furniture

Cost-Efficient Options

It’s no secret that buying used is the smarter option for any business-big or small. If you’re considering buying a brand-new furniture suite, remember how much less value a “brand new” vehicle is worth after driving it out of the dealership. Office furniture works in the same way. That’s why buying used office furniture is worthwhile for every industry. Most don’t realize the brand names like HermanMiller are available in nearly new condition without the extra zeros on the price tag.

In fact, most of the time used office furniture is left over from office store floor models or overstocked product lines. What this means is that you can get beautiful, sturdy office furniture for the fraction of the cost that hasn’t even been used!

Quality Office Furniture is Always in Style

While a $100 IKEA desk is nice, remember that when it comes to furnishing your office, you’re investing in furniture you need to last! Will that IKEA desk be around in 3 years? Maybe, but the wear and tear will be much more apparent than if you chose to buy a gently used desk made out of solid wood.

The thing of it is, people don’t make furniture the same way they used to. The integrity of the product is basically absent nowadays. Buying used office furniture made of the real stuff: wood and metal, ensures your investment holds true today, next year, and even 10 years down the road.

When deciding to buy used office furniture, you’re guaranteeing a quality product designed for the long haul. That’s something IKEA’s furniture lifespan can’t compete with.

Environmentally Friendly

Used office furniture is better for the environment. By purchasing gently used office furniture, you’re saving the world from extra fossil fuels, raw materials, and overall waste that would manifest from producing new furniture. In fact, buying and installing used equipment eliminates nearly 80% of the environmental impact created by new office equipment.

Repurposing office furniture in your workspace is a great way to keep the Earth happy. Your employees and potential investors will take notice, too. People enjoy being a part of something bigger than themselves and what better way than saving the world?

Last Thoughts

Any business is a great candidate for used office furniture. In addition to the cost benefits of purchasing gently used desks, chairs, file cabinets, etc., businesses also enjoy the long-lasting quality furniture that today’s manufacturers can’t replicate. When it comes to an investment like office furniture, you can’t sacrifice durability and reliability. Stronger resources used to build furniture means it has a longer lifespan. Finally, buying used office furniture is a great effort to help the environment. Purchasing already existing furniture eliminates the need to produce more, thus decreasing harmful fossil fuel emission.

Experience the Difference

If you’re looking to buy furniture for your workspace, consider purchasing used office furniture and increasing your bottom line. Capital Choice Office Furniture features a 43,000 sq. ft. showroom full of brands you’ll pay double for anywhere else. Schedule an appointment at (614) 332-1828 or just come by and experience the difference for yourself.