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How Your Office Space Represents Your Brand

//How Your Office Space Represents Your Brand

How Your Office Space Represents Your Brand

What’s your brand? How would you describe it? Is it on everything external that your customers and clients see (your colors, your logo, the font and the language you use)?

Good job! Now, what about your office space? When people look at your office space, do they see the same stimuli that you put into all of that marketing collateral?

You might not think this is important, but it is. It could make any customers/clients who visit regularly think you’re not good at what you do, confuse employees or flood your office with applicants that just aren’t the right fit for your company.

Check out the ways below to see how your office represents your brand.


Depending on your industry, your office design could give off the wrong vibe. The newest software company will probably want more of an open layout with lower walls on cubicles (if you even have that) and furniture that allows employees to kick up their feet and relax.

On the other hand, a financial services firm might have high walls on cubicles and less sporadic furniture as employees will need to constantly look at private information.


Let’s say that your company has blue and yellow in your brand. Anyone who reads your marketing collateral feels calm and trusts that you’re the experts, but then they come to your office and see a bunch of other colors.

Two subconscious things can happen here: customers can question their decision and employees might act in a way that you don’t want them to. Continuity is key when it comes to branding, and your office is no different. It doesn’t matter if you’re talking about the color(s) on the wall or the furniture, you can’t have mix-ups between the outside and inside of your office space.

Language around the office

How do you and your employees talk to your customers/clients? Do you use a catchy, poppy tone or a more conservative one? Whichever you go with, take a look at any company literature found around your office. Does it match?

You want your brand language to become a part of your employees. This will help make it a part of everything they do at work, especially with your clients/customers.

Does Your Office Represent Your Brand?

So, how well does your office represent your brand? We’ve helped many companies match their designs and layouts to their personality and now it’s your turn. Contact us today to talk to one of our experts, we’re ready to hear about your business and how we can help you.